Drone Delivery Canada Snags FAA Expert for US Rollout

One of Canada’s leading drone-delivery companies is welcoming an American UAS pro to its ranks – a pro with American regulatory experience.  READ MORE

How an Atlanta airport is using drones to help with runway maintenance

It’s just before noon on a sunny Friday morning, and air traffic controllers are in a bit of a rush to get planes airborne. One by one, jetliners fire up their engines and roar down runway 27R at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.  READ MORE


Jim Williams, Formerly Of The FAA, Speaks Freely About Unmanned Flight

Recently, Jim Williams, who managed the FAA office to integrate drones into the U.S. airspace retired. He then had the opportunity to speak at McKenna Long & Aldrige’s unmanned aircraft systems symposium in Washington, D.C.  READ MORE

FAA Seeks to Ease Air-Traffic Controllers’ Stress From Drones – Wall Street Journal

With roughly 250 monthly encounters between drones and manned aircraft nationwide, automated procedures are being developed to reduce pressure on air-traffic controllers.

Drone Rules Likely Still Years Away, Dragging on Industry’s Growth – Wall Street Journal

The Federal Aviation Administration is significantly behind earlier schedules for crafting airborne-identification rules for drones, causing industry officials to worry the delay could stymie their most ambitious plans for years. READ MORE

Unlike Most Industries, Drone Makers and Operators Clamor for Federal Regulation
– Wall Street Journal

Despite White House directives rolling back regulations affecting most industries, drone proponents are clamoring for more federal rules as the way to open up the skies for unmanned aircraft. READ MORE

Law Enforcement Concerns Slow Commercial Drone Regulations – Wall Street Journal

LAS VEGAS—Efforts to develop flight-safety regulations for commercial drones are being disrupted by law-enforcement and national security concerns, industry and government officials said at a conference here Wednesday. READ MORE

Gatwick Incident Raises Questions Over Race to Commercialize Drones Regulations
Wall Street Journal

The quick development of pilotless aircraft has captivated throngs of industry executives with its possibilities, promising services like drone-based package delivery, rescue drones and drone taxi services. READ MORE

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FAA Seeks to Ease Air-Traffic Controllers’ Stress From Drones

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